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Figures and Faces

     Demo Sez
     Hail St Marks
     Jealousy Wartburg
     Jug Maid
     Stone Spirit
     Neolithic God
     Auxerre Saints
     St. Saeran, Llanynys
     Llanwrst Chapel Monument
     Madona Cup
     Miserechord Oude Kerk
     Goth Mary
     Seņor Del Divino Amor
     Truncated Virgin
     Wyvern Feast
     Pete Parked
     Roman Dancer
     Spigot Hole
     Venice Reflection
     Virgin Puritan
     Lady Buddha
     Eroded Avatar
     Big Buddha
     Worn Roman
     Kerala Peacock
     Broken Offering
     Krishna Rukmini
     Samayapuram Disney
     Handsome Pair
     Sell Fee
     Sleepy Pup
     Spatch Chucks
     Stars and Cripes
     Mortal Mask
     Dressed to Appeal
     AC Chair
     Sacred Heart Rishikesh
     Holy Cow
     Angkor Thom
     Red Bridge Dog God
     Open Wide
     Bwcle Black
     Ludlow Maiden
     Udaipur Wedding
     At Rest
     Ex Ig
     All That Remains
     Pot Bound
     Marionette Marriage
     Faithful Slaves
     Death Masque
     You, Sinner
     Class War
     Selfie Dolls
     Selfie Temple
     Lion Slain
     St. Christopher, Llanynys
     No Idol Threat
     Holy Moly
     Lost in the Crowd
     Dancing in the Street
     Lie Down
     Minoan Snake Godess
     Affectionate Hold
     Assyrian Lion